Anna approached YouCan for a grant to help make the most of the outside space and to bring her neighbours together.

The flats where Anna and her neighbours live used to be a care home and, after seeing some old photos of it in its hay day, she had an idea to bring the building back to its former glory. She took the idea to her neighbourhood coach, Karen Price, who suggested that a grant from YouCan might be able to help.

As soon as the funding came through, Anna and her neighbours got to work. With the bulk of the money being spent on decorative stones, the friends used their creativity to make the most of the things they had lying around. They upcycled a couple of chairs and added some wood from an old pallet to create a new garden bench, and an old filing cabinet was converted into a new planter.

Anna said the grant was so helpful, and making the most of the outside space has really helped with her mental health. Just spending time pottering around outside, looking at the garden and tending to the hanging baskets makes her feel happy.

Watch the video below to take a look at the results of the hard work that Anna and her neighbours have put in.