Running a children’s football team takes a lot of time and effort, and obviously money that is not always easy to come by. So when Phil Conner, joint manager of the under 13s Wrockwardine Wood football team, heard about YouCan he dived straight in to the application.

The football club has been running for around 125 years and their under 13s team was set up in 2009, with Phil joining a year later. Wrockwardine Wood Football Club is home to wide selection of teams from the under 5s right up to adult men’s and ladies teams and, like most community clubs, relies on the goodwill and enthusiasm of volunteers to keep it running.

Phil applied for a You Can grant to buy some rain jackets for his under 13s team which now allow the team to train in all weather conditions. Phil said that the application process was really easy and it only took a few weeks for the grant to come through and now the jackets make everyone feel part of the team.

The club are now in the process of applying for more funding. To find out what they’re looking to spend the money on take a look at the video below.