What sort of projects will YouCan support?

We will support any ideas that will make a difference in your community or help unlock your own potential. It could be relatively small such as starting a youth football team, setting up support groups or buying equipment to start a local computer group. Successful applicants have included cheer leading teams for young girls in Wolverhampton, an autism support group in Leamington and a 'Men in Sheds' club in Cirencester. The grant is up to £300 maximum to pay for some or all of your project costs. When you apply you’ll need to tell us as much as you can about how you’ll use the money and why it’s needed, including a break down of all the costs. YouCan will expect projects to only use the funds to purchase or set up things directly related to the project. Further details can be found within our criteria on apply now page.

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What cant we fund?

Projects that happen or start before we confirm our grant Any costs incurred when putting together your application Existing activities and repeat events Items that are purchased on behalf of another organisation Loans or interest payments Ongoing staff costs Projects or activities that the local authority or public services has a legal obligation to provide. Projects that you cannot maintain because of high ongoing costs or the need for specialist services Projects that cannot be completed within 12 months of the start date

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How long before I find out if i’m successful?

YouCan makes its awards on a monthly basis by the YouCan team although if you don’t meet the criteria we aim to get back to you within 5 working days. Once you have successfully qualified for an award we will be in touch with you to receive payment information and agree the conditions. We would also like to keep in contact with you to see if YouCan could help your idea develop further in the future. Head over to the Apply page to get in touch now!

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