Trekking for YouCan

Mary Regan has a history of raising money for good causes, so when she started working at Bromford in June 2017 she made it her business to find out all about YouCan and what she could do to help. We caught up with Mary recently to find out a little more; “I’m a really strong believer in community and when I looked into what YouCan was all about I was really impressed. It’s great that the £300 grants that are given out go towards bringing people together, and helping people to help themselves and each other. “I’ve got a bit of a passion for fundraising, and have trekked to the top of Snowdon (using various routes) a number of time so I suggested the idea to a few of my colleagues in the finance team. It was a tough day as we set off from home at around 6am and the weather wasn’t the kindest but, after a lot of encouragement and working together to overcome the challenges we faced, we made it to the summit....raising more than £1,000 - well worth all the aching limbs."   Here’s the story of our day… Four colleagues (from left to right, Mary Regan, Tasha Chumber, Ram Mann and Jon Birks) from Bromford set off reasonably early (with Chris Shepherd from Dudley Council, our driver for the day and fellow walker), in the hope of conquering Snowdon. This picture was taken in the car park at Pen-y-Pass which was really quiet; possibly because wind, rain and fog was expected…with -6 c expected at the peak.   Half an hour in to the walk, things were looking pretty murky, with poor visibility ahead. A little disheartening [...]

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You never know what you’re capable of until you try

When Philip moved into St Alban’s Court in Wolverhampton, it didn’t take him long to start to think of how he could bring people together. We caught up with his recently to find out more, here Philip takes up the story… “I’ve always been creative and love making things, so my first thought was to set up some kind of craft group. I mentioned this to my neighbourhood coach who told me about YouCan and how they offer grants for community projects – so I got to work on completing the application form. Not long after I’d submitted it, I was told that we had been awarded £300 to help get my idea off the ground. “There were a few people who said that they would be interested in joining the group but who were lacking in confidence – convinced that they weren’t creative enough to get involved. With this in mind, I decided to start off with relatively simple crafts that helped them to build their confidence.   “Most of the grant was spent on tools, wood and paint but with a little of the money from YouCan I bought some (fire-retardant) Christmas trees from Ebay. These were cut up to create 4ft – 6ft lengths which were then shaped into rings and decorations such as pine cones and lights were added to create festive garlands. The results were amazing…with the three neighbours who didn’t think they could do it, creating absolutely beautiful, handmade decorations. Which just goes to show – you never know what you’re capable of until you try. “With the encouragement of neighbourhood coaches Lewis and Philippa, the group is going from strength to strength. At the moment we’re working on [...]

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