Grant support to help bring your community together

Staffordshire County Council have joined forces with YouCan to help small groups of residents living in the Lichfield District do something they enjoy and make a difference to their community. Grants of up to £300 are available to residents of Lichfield who have a bright idea that will help make a difference to their community. It might be that you want to start a sports club and need help to buy equipment, or you could be thinking of starting a gardening group but can't afford to buy tools and seeds; you could have a passion for knitting and want to share this with others but need a little help to buy wool, needles and patterns. Whatever your idea, you can apply for a grant of up to £300 if you can show us that: There are at least five people involved in total Everyone can contribute their time, energy and commitment to make the idea a success That the idea can bring people in your community together   How can I use the grant? To give you some more ideas of how you could use one of these grants to help bring your community together take a look at how these groups have used the funding they received from YouCan : Dave and Angela Gallagher live in Lichfield and love to fundraise. Both suffer from poor health so “it gives us something to take our minds off our illnesses and we like to help the community.” They came up with the idea of a summer fete but were unable to raise the funding themselves so applied for a £300 grant from YouCan which went towards the costs of advertising, refreshments & entertainment. The fete was a [...]