YouCan Foundation is Bromford’s starter fund to help support bright ideas.

YouCan Foundation is a starter fund to support bright ideas. People have told us that it can be quite difficult to get help with new ideas so our aim is to make the process of getting start up funding easy and accessible to all.

YouCan is an additional way that we spot and nurture talent in communities. It’s not our core business but something reliant on goodwill and fundraising. YouCan Foundation helps people step forward with their ideas, no matter how small, and brings these to life in the form of kick starting bright ideas, community projects, education, volunteering and business opportunities. YouCan foundation is offering grants of up to £300, we want to help you change and inspire your local community!

Since its launch in 2011, we’ve raised over £23,000. This is purely down to the good will of our colleagues, business partners, family and friends – thank you. All funds raised going directly to help our customers and communities.

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