Do you ever feel that there’s not enough information about what’s going on in your area? This was certainly the case for Beeches Community Group in Cirencester who were keen to make public information more widely available.

They applied to YouCan for help with the creation of a community notice board as there are many people in neighbourhood who have no (or very limited) access to the internet or social media. In the area concerned, the closest noticeboard is around half a mile away on a route that gets very little use and the Beeches Community Group were keen to make public information and community interests more widely available to everyone.

The group were awarded £300 towards the cost of the notice board that now means everyone in the neighbourhood, particularly the most vulnerable who have no access to the internet, can find what’s happening in the community.


Lavinia Smith, of Birmingham applied for a £300 grant to help expand on a project where the residents of Fox Hollow Close were encouraged to grow their own fruit and vegetables – which proved really successful.

Following on from the success of this project the group are now looking to expand this to develop an organic community garden. This will help to teach the residents of Fox Hollow Close all about growing their own food. The grant will go towards gardening materials and equipment they need to get the project started.

They’ve got off to a fabulous start with a local charity donating seeds and six volunteers have already signed up to work in the community garden.


Bright Beginnings Breastfeeding group Spark (Burntwood) CIC are looking to establish three new projects under the umbrella Bright Beginnings: Bumps, Babies and Beyond. Under these three separate strands they successfully applied for three grants of £300 each.

Spark’s founding ethos is dedication to improving the well-being and life chances of local families so when they identified that there that there was a lack of professionals on hand to help new mums in the Burntwood and Chasetown area, Spark began to set up a breastfeeding group. They applied to YouCan because they didn’t have the funds to continue with the much needed project and earlier this year the group was awarded £300 which will go towards:

  • Offering specialist training to volunteers to lead classes on breastfeeding and healthy eating
  • Hiring trained professionals to take one-off sessions on the most crucial aspects of breastfeeding
  • Providing specialist new equipment for the new groups, including mats and blankets and diet plans.

The breastfeeding group will give new parents the skills, support and confidence to breastfeed their new-borns, ensuring that both they and their babies are getting the best diet to develop properly.

A much needed antenatal group is the second of the projects that Sparks have received a grant of £300 towards. They approached YouCan after identifying that there is currently no antenatal support in the Burntwood and Chasetown areas. Sparks say that this means that many people are unable to make the journey further afield to access antenatal services. The grant will go towards establishing support for prospective parents with little or no knowledge of antenatal care to help them to get through their pregnancy and prepare them for parenthood.

The funding will help to train an initial group of local volunteers who can, in turn train others, hopefully making the project a valuable resource for parents-to-be for years to come.

Completing the set, Sparks postnatal group will support new parents to properly care for their new-borns. The £300 YouCan grant will go towards offering specialist training to volunteers to lead classes on postnatal care, household budgeting, baby first aid and early leaning. Some of the money will also go towards providing specialist equipment for the new groups including mats, blankets, a sensory toy collection, and a baby sling ‘library.’


If any of these projects have inspired you to apply for a £300 grant please get in, we’d love to hear from you.

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