Mary Regan has a history of raising money for good causes, so when she started working at Bromford in June 2017 she made it her business to find out all about YouCan and what she could do to help.

We caught up with Mary recently to find out a little more; “I’m a really strong believer in community and when I looked into what YouCan was all about I was really impressed. It’s great that the £300 grants that are given out go towards bringing people together, and helping people to help themselves and each other.

“I’ve got a bit of a passion for fundraising, and have trekked to the top of Snowdon (using various routes) a number of time so I suggested the idea to a few of my colleagues in the finance team. It was a tough day as we set off from home at around 6am and the weather wasn’t the kindest but, after a lot of encouragement and working together to overcome the challenges we faced, we made it to the summit….raising more than £1,000 – well worth all the aching limbs.”


Here’s the story of our day…

Four colleagues (from left to right, Mary Regan, Tasha Chumber, Ram Mann and Jon Birks) from Bromford set off reasonably early (with Chris Shepherd from Dudley Council, our driver for the day and fellow walker), in the hope of conquering Snowdon. This picture was taken in the car park at Pen-y-Pass which was really quiet; possibly because wind, rain and fog was expected…with -6 c expected at the peak.


Half an hour in to the walk, things were looking pretty murky, with poor visibility ahead. A little disheartening as we wanted great views for Tasha, who was taking on Snowdon for the first time.


We continued on and saw some magnificent views of the glaciers along the Miners track.


As we climbed further the walk became more of a climb, with scrambling being needed further up. The trek got tougher the further we went, Ram provided copious amounts of chocolate to help us all along the way…yummy.


Nearer the summit we came across ice and snow, but helped each other to work through it.


The four of us at the summit, the hard work paid off. The visitor centre was closed unfortunately, as the train line was blocked by snow; so no warm drink or toilet stop for us.


Tasha was super happy that we’d finally made it to the top. She volunteers cooking and serving food to the homeless every week, so is very charitable. This was a massive achievement for her, and took a lot of determination.


We had our packed lunches at the peak, eaten very quickly as it was so cold. On the descent, the weather started to clear. A beautiful view.






Much clearer as we continued our trek down the Pyg Track back to the car park. If only we’d set off half an hour later!

The walk back down was tougher than expected, hard going on your knees and ankles.

Nearing the car park, a beautiful view into Llanberis.

“We raised more than £1,000 for YouCan. It’s really pleasing to know that our efforts raised enough money to fund three community projects – well worth all the aches and pains in the days following the trek.”

If you’ve got an idea for a community project that could benefit from some of the money raised by Mary and the team, why not apply here?