YouCan helps Lorraine put her best foot forward

Lorraine Turk from Birmingham recently trained as a podiatrist with the aim of becoming self-employed. But even fully qualified she was struggling to build a client base for her new business venture that offers visits to customers in the comfort of their own home. Lorraine said: “Being qualified is one thing, but affording the specialist equipment is another. I needed an ultrasonic cleaner and other specialist podiatry tools so that I could offer my clients a professional service. Those things don’t come cheap and I was finding it hard to save the money, but then I was told about YouCan. I had no idea that I could apply for a grant for help with my business. “With an ageing population and diabetes on the rise, podiatrists are in increasing demand and I wanted to put myself in the best position possible by having the latest equipment.” Lorraine applied for £300 from YouCan. Her plan was to spend some of the grant on uniforms and advertising but the bulk was to be spent on specialist tools and an ultrasonic cleaner. The grant application was passed and Lorraine was awarded £300. She said: “It’s a great help. My business, Footsense Podiatry, is now growing and my family are supporting me too. Thanks to this help I’m now really positive about the future.”   If a £300 grant would help you bring your bright idea to life, please get in touch?