Thanks to a YouCan grant, adults with learning disabilities in Leamington Spa now have a full suite of sporting equipment at their disposal including a football and rugby ball, baseball and bat, badminton set, boxing gloves and pads, a hula hoop set, cones to set out goals and an inflatable darts set with Velcro darts making them easy and safe to use.

Bromford runs a hub at Leamington, supporting people to get involved in their local community and socialise. Dan Jhutti, hub advisor, said: “There is a group of six to 15 hub customers who now have a focus on activities every Friday. It all ‘kicked off’ with a previous customer, Tom, who loved sports. He has since moved but another customer, David, runs the group and encourages others to get involved.

“If the weather’s good, they will go to the local park and then come back for a cup of tea. If it’s not, they will play games or cards inside. It’s great to see how the group has evolved since it was first set up and it’s very much up to customers to decide what they want to do. It fits very nicely with our focus on health and wellbeing and we’re hoping that as the weather improves, customers will go out a bit more.

“We share the equipment with our hubs in Stratford, Studley and Atherstone so others can benefit and there’s some grant money left over so we are looking forward to deciding what to buy with that.

“The application process is really quick and easy – we got the full grant amount within two weeks of applying and YouCan provided us with a prepaid credit card we could spend in the sports shop. This really helped Tom as he needed help to budget his money.”

One customer said: “I really like coming to the hub on a Tuesday because it means I can catch up with my friends who have autism like me. I go to the college but I like coming here when I don’t have to go in. We normally play in the park with the sports equipment or play games indoors. It’s made me enjoy football a lot so I joined the team at college.”

If you’re looking to kickstart your sports club and work in a Bromford community, get in touch and we could help you with a grant of £300.