A £300 YouCan grant can be used for any number of things as these examples from the recent batch of successful application proves. Take a look at some of the ideas that have received funding over the last few months, maybe you’ll be inspired too.


Child’s play

Vanessa Simpson from Perton in Wolverhampton has always dreamed of working with children and as a single mum she noticed a distinct lack of affordable and accessible childcare in her area.

Ready to go back to work, Vanessa had been working with Jordan (a skills coach from Bromford) to identify the kind of job she could apply for when she came up with the idea of training to become a childminder.  Once she started looking into it properly it became obvious that she was going to struggle to pay for the registration fee and various training courses she needed to go on. The costs for everything that she needed were:

Local Authority approved childminding course – £225

Child and early years first aid course – £80

Safeguarding training – £80

DBS Check – £52

Mental and Physical health check£90

Ofsted registration – £35.

That’s when Jordan suggested that Vanessa could apply for a YouCan grant of up to £300 to help with the costs. With the total amount needed coming to £562 Vanessa started saving part of her income support to make she had enough to cover the remaining costs to make up the shortfall.

Vanessa was awarded £300 towards making her dream of becoming a childminder come true – this will not only help her, but will benefit the whole community as she’ll be providing a much needed service for parents and children in the local area.


Boot camp

Katie Barton, from Burntwood noticed that there was a real lack of affordable fitness classes in her area and wanted to do something about it.

She recently received a £300 grant which she will use to buy skipping ropes, mats, weights and steps so she can run a small boot camp and general fitness classes outside. Some of the money will also go towards a PRS and PPL licence that is needed to allow her play music within Burntwood’s community centre.

A great little project that will benefit the whole community.


Springhill grandparents group

This group in Burntwood was set up to provide a place for grandparents and the children they care for to get tohether on a weekly basis. The project has been running for two years and aims to reduce isolation and provide support when needed. When they were formed, the group inherited books from the children’s centre and were given outdoor toys for the children to play with. As time has gone on the books have become damaged and are no longer fit for purpose, and the toys have definitely seen better days too.

Eve Chang recently applied to YouCan and the group was awarded a grant of £300 to replace the books and some of the old toys so that the grandparents and children can continue to enjoy some quality time together.


Fradley Community Magazine

Joan Lee from Burntwood spotted a bit of a gap in the market and wanted to get together with a group of local residents to create a quarterly magazine that would be delivered to every home in the village.

From speaking to the people of Fradley she found out that many of them didn’t know about the various groups and community events take place in the village, particularly those living on the Fradley South housing estate.

Joan approached YouCan for a grant of £293 as she believes that having a quarterly magazine delivered to their door would be a great way for people to keep in touch with everything that’s going on.

The magazine will have a section for local community groups and organisations to share their news, events and contact details. Local trades people will be given the opportunity to advertise at a small cost as many residents of the village would like to support local businesses but are presently unaware of what is available.

Joan believes that the Love Fradley magazine will help to connect the individuals, groups and businesses in the village and in doing so will create a better sense of community and belonging, particularly for those who may feel isolated.

The grant will fund the initial edition of Love Fradley. A local graphic designer has offered to volunteer her time to put together the first edition and therefore the grant will cover the costs of printing. It is hoped that the cost of future editions of the magazine will be covered by the revenue generated from advertising and sponsorship from local businesses, making this a sustainable project.


We wish all of these projects every luck and look forward to hearing how they get on. If you have an idea that you think a £300 grant from YouCan could help, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.