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Shining Stars go from strength to strength

“Every once in a while a special person emerges. Charlotte Aspley is Lichfield’s special person.” As the booming voice of Lichfield’s Town Crier (AKA Ken Knowles) rang out, the crowd gathered to celebrate the first birthday of Shining Stars smile in admiration in the direction of Charlotte. Charlotte lives with Mosaic Down Syndrome and is the driving force behind the initiative that gives people living with a learning disability the chance to enjoy a night out on the town in a safe and secure environment. Charlotte recognised that there was nowhere for people with a learning disability to go and enjoy a night out with friends so she approached Walkabout in Lichfield and set about raising the funds to make it happen. As well as donations from Tesco and local councillors, Charlotte applied for a £300 grant from YouCan to help get the initiative off the ground. The first Shining Stars @Walkabouts  disco took place in August 2017 with around 20 people enjoying a great time. A year later and that number has swelled to around 90… and I was extremely privileged to be invited to their first birthday party. The party was packed with people enjoying the music and everyone I spoke to was full of praise and admiration for Charlotte. As well as the fabulous Town Crier, we were treated to the presence of the Mayor of Lichfield, Councillor David Leytham and Mayoress, Jan Leytham-Gain, Miss Lichfield, Daz Hale of BBC WM and Rachel White of Signal One. As I chatted to people about Charlotte throughout the evening a word that kept coming up was ‘amazing.’ Laura Bruce and Hannah Norris of Mencap work closely with her and couldn’t sing her praises enough. [...]

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BromGolf raises £9,000 for YouCan

We're delighted to confirm that BromGolf 2018, our largest fundraising event of the year, has raised an incredible £9,000 for our YouCan Foundation. It is the fourth year Bromford has match funded '£ for £' the £4,500 net total raised by colleagues and business partners at Shirley Golf Club on 27 September 2018. Since its first event in 2013, BromGolf has now raised close to £45k for YouCan. YouCan enables people to bring their ideas to life to help their communities. Every penny raised will now go towards helping customers unlock their potential by giving them the opportunity to bid for grants of up to £300. Head of business improvement Richard Hicks, who helps to organise the event, said, "Another successful year and we are extremely grateful for the teams from our business partner community, some attending for the first time, along with teams of colleagues, making it a total of 22 teams taking part which exceeds last year. We had some amazing donations and gifted promise items which we were able to raffle and auction to raise extra funds." How did the day unfold? Yet again the golf day basked in brilliant sunshine as everyone gathered early to energise themselves with a delicious breakfast before heading out. There were teams (four golfers per team) from Bromford Young Boys, Bromford New Homes, Bromford Riverside, Hintons Hot Shots, iTracking, MIS-Active Management Systems, Jewson, Novus, Stafford Industrial Supplies, Gilmore Building Supplies, ADEY Innovation Ltd, Valliant, David Wilson Homes, Worcester Bosch, City Electrical Factors, Myson Radiators, Stelrad, Fernox, Western Property Services, Travis Perkins, Team Hewer and J Tomlinson. After a light lunch, the agenda of the day moved on to some more fundraising activities. As a result of kind donations by our business partners there were [...]

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YouCan do it – with a little help from your friends

Bromford colleagues from Birmingham and Warwickshire have been training together over the summer to get from 'couch to 5k' with an end challenge to complete the Stratford parkrun. And on Saturday 22 September the team competed the course, raising more than £230 for YouCan in the process. Steven Osmond, locality manager, and seasoned parkrunner co-ordinated the challenge and said: "We're a dedicated bunch who spend our days coaching customers to help them achieve whatever their goals are in life. My team are brilliant at what they do, however they're not all runners! A few of them who have completed the challenge have never run before, so we've been coaching each other to ensure we all got around the course as a team on the day. “This was my 250th parkrun and I'm very proud to be a part of the team that got involved in this event and have taken on this challenge in good spirit. “YouCan offers grants of up to £300 to help kick-start community based projects designed to bring people and neighbourhoods together. The grants have funded things such as community gardening projects, craft clubs and support groups for new parents. It’s brilliant that we’ve raised more £230 and it’s great to know that the money will go towards helping people to get their ideas off the ground.” Louise Kelly, locality manager, was full of praise for Steven after completing the challenge, saying: “I just wanted to say thanks for organising Steve! I am not natural runner (some of you may have noticed), but I really enjoyed it. It was a great atmosphere and a great achievement for the team!” If you would like to donate to Steven and the team, you can still [...]

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Grub to Go

When Christine Gough’s husband sadly passed away her world fell apart. She had been his carer for years, and alongside the emotional heartbreak she was feeling she had the additional worry of dealing with a massive change in her financial situation too. Here, neighbourhood coach Gemma Davis takes up the story. “Because of her tragic change in circumstances, Chris had to apply for Universal Credit – which in turn meant that she was expected to look for work. Grieving for her husband, and faced with the daunting prospect of finding a job after so long as a carer, Chris found herself really struggling to cope. “I spent time getting to know Chris and we started working together to ensure that she was well equipped to manage her home and finances by herself. By spending time with Chris, and always trying to be a positive influence on her, we started focusing on the things that made her happy. We gradually shifted the conversation away from the negatives in her life and started looking at what was good, what she enjoyed and what she was good at. “I soon realised that Chris loved cooking and baking and she told me how she made meals for her parents and daughter. Many a time I'd visit and there was a freshly baked cake on the side – and sometimes I was even lucky enough to have a little nibble. “Noticing how Chris's face would light up when she talked about cooking, and knowing that she was struggling financially, I suggested that she might consider starting her own little business. I explained about YouCan and how they offer grants of up to £300 to help get ideas off the ground. [...]

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Falling for YouCan

​“It seemed like a good idea at the time” said Jo Harper, when we asked her why she and four Bromford colleagues decided to jump out of a plane 13,000 feet, travelling at speeds of around 120 mph to raise funds for YouCan. Jo Harper, Dave Round, Kully Braich, James McGlone and Jon Birks decided to each do a tandem skydive for the foundation that offers £300 grants to help people step forward with their ideas, no matter how small, and brings these to life in the form of kick starting bright ideas, community projects, education, volunteering and business opportunities. On 21 August, a cloudy Tuesday, the five of them gathered at the airfield– full of excitement (and a touch of trepidation).   And after five nervous hours waiting for the clouds to clear, the time finally came to get make the jump. Once everyone was back on terra firma we caught up with a few of the team to see how they felt… James McGlone, talent and resourcing specialist, said: “The whole day was an amazing experience. Although I’ve skydived before, I still didn’t know 100% what to expect. And this time around it was with the added pride that I was doing it with some great colleagues raising money for a brilliant cause. So I’d also like to say a huge thanks to everyone who supported, donated and spread the word. And, yes… I probably would do it again!” Jo Harper, business analyst, said: "What an experience…never again though. I have never experienced fear like it! The moment the door opened and I was sitting on the edge of a plane at 13,000 feet was the worst, but also the best, experience I’ve [...]

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Putting a face to a voice

Loz Spencer works as part of the customer service team at Bromford where, as well as dealing with customers getting in touch about repairs and rent payments, they often receive calls from customers who simply need someone to talk to. They hear heart-breaking stories from people living with mental ill health but, being on the end of a phone line, they never get the chance to put a face to a voice. Loz, Nettie and Jackie So, in the run up to this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, Loz, Nettie Manning and Jackie Ricketts decided to do something to get the team out of the office, and allow them to meet up with some of the customers they often speak to on the phones. But we’re not just talking a cup of coffee and a chat here. Oh no, Loz and the team had something far more energetic in mind. Having spoken to a customer who had told them how gardening really helped his mental health, a germ of an idea was born. They began planning their very own Garden SOS projects and chose two Bromford MyPlace schemes to carry out the makeovers. Here Loz takes up the story. “MyPlace offers people with mental ill health somewhere safe and secure to live for as long as they need to. We get quite a few calls from customers living in our MyPlace schemes and all of the team have gotten to know a lot about them and their lives, so it seemed the obvious choice for us to go to Mallow Court and Wood Hayes Place (both in Wolverhampton). But first we had to raise some money. “Colleagues and local businesses were very generous with [...]

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Trekking for YouCan

Mary Regan has a history of raising money for good causes, so when she started working at Bromford in June 2017 she made it her business to find out all about YouCan and what she could do to help. We caught up with Mary recently to find out a little more; “I’m a really strong believer in community and when I looked into what YouCan was all about I was really impressed. It’s great that the £300 grants that are given out go towards bringing people together, and helping people to help themselves and each other. “I’ve got a bit of a passion for fundraising, and have trekked to the top of Snowdon (using various routes) a number of time so I suggested the idea to a few of my colleagues in the finance team. It was a tough day as we set off from home at around 6am and the weather wasn’t the kindest but, after a lot of encouragement and working together to overcome the challenges we faced, we made it to the summit....raising more than £1,000 - well worth all the aching limbs."   Here’s the story of our day… Four colleagues (from left to right, Mary Regan, Tasha Chumber, Ram Mann and Jon Birks) from Bromford set off reasonably early (with Chris Shepherd from Dudley Council, our driver for the day and fellow walker), in the hope of conquering Snowdon. This picture was taken in the car park at Pen-y-Pass which was really quiet; possibly because wind, rain and fog was expected…with -6 c expected at the peak.   Half an hour in to the walk, things were looking pretty murky, with poor visibility ahead. A little disheartening [...]

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You never know what you’re capable of until you try

When Philip moved into St Alban’s Court in Wolverhampton, it didn’t take him long to start to think of how he could bring people together. We caught up with his recently to find out more, here Philip takes up the story… “I’ve always been creative and love making things, so my first thought was to set up some kind of craft group. I mentioned this to my neighbourhood coach who told me about YouCan and how they offer grants for community projects – so I got to work on completing the application form. Not long after I’d submitted it, I was told that we had been awarded £300 to help get my idea off the ground. “There were a few people who said that they would be interested in joining the group but who were lacking in confidence – convinced that they weren’t creative enough to get involved. With this in mind, I decided to start off with relatively simple crafts that helped them to build their confidence.   “Most of the grant was spent on tools, wood and paint but with a little of the money from YouCan I bought some (fire-retardant) Christmas trees from Ebay. These were cut up to create 4ft – 6ft lengths which were then shaped into rings and decorations such as pine cones and lights were added to create festive garlands. The results were amazing…with the three neighbours who didn’t think they could do it, creating absolutely beautiful, handmade decorations. Which just goes to show – you never know what you’re capable of until you try. “With the encouragement of neighbourhood coaches Lewis and Philippa, the group is going from strength to strength. At the moment we’re working on [...]

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Charlotte is a shining star

27 year-old Charlotte Aspley (third from the left in the photo) from Lichfield enjoys a good night out with friends and family but she recognised that many people with a disability are socially isolated and never get to enjoy an evening out. So she decided to apply for a YouCan grant to set up regular disco nights in a local pub especially for people with a disability. An Ambassador for Mencap, her work to highlight the challenges faced by people living with a disability has earned her a visit to Buckingham Palace. Charlotte raised £7,500 for the charity by running the London Marathon last year and got the chance to show off her medal to The Countess of Wessex, who hosted a reception to celebrate the Mencap’s 70th anniversary in November 2017. Living with Mosaic Down syndrome, Charlotte understands all too well the worries of people living with a disability when it comes to going out and socialising, especially on a busy Saturday evening. Charlotte said: “I wanted to help people make new friends and have fun together in a safe and secure environment so I applied for the £300 grant and we’ve now held two disco nights at Walkabout in Lichfield. The pub kindly allowed us to use the venue for free but we needed the money to pay for SiA licenced door staff and a DJ. “The first disco took place in August where 20 people who wouldn’t normally venture into town had a fabulous time. Obviously, the word got around because the disco we held in November attracted 46 people, so we’re really looking forward to seeing how many come along to our future events. “As well as the grant from YouCan, [...]

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They call me mom

Marlena from Lichfield has a love of making decorative furniture, crafts and toys for children’s bedrooms – and she’s pretty good at it too. After posting pictures of some her creations onto Facebook, interest started to build with a number of people beginning to show an interest in her work. She mentioned this to her Bromford skills coach who suggested that a YouCan grant could help her to build her business. With a little encouragement, Marlena completed the application form and the rest, as they say, is history. Marlena received a £300 grant that has enabled her to buy various materials and a new sewing machine that she’s using to make more fantastic creations. You can find her lovely work on Facebook at They call me mom           If you have an idea that you think a £300 YouCan grant could help you get off the ground, you can apply here. 

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